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Video: Footscray League Div 1 Grand Final

Video: Footscray League Div 1 Grand Final

Video Highlights from Major League Dodgeball’s Footscray League, Division 1 Grand Final, featuring Dodgefathers & Project D.


In a re-match from Week One of the Finals Series – where Dodgefathers prevailed 10 – 9 in Overtime – little separated the pair in the Grand Final. Although, it was Dodgefathers who had too much firepower in the tank, completing the fairytale season to win the finale 10 – 8, and compete the perfect season with an unbeaten record.


In doing so, Dodgefathers claimed back-to-back Div 1 Championships, following their heroics in Season 1 of the Footscray League, where they defeated this season’s third-place winners, Dodgey Style.


Well done to both teams on an entertaining season, and best of luck for the new season!


Major League Dodgeball – Melbourne | Footscray Div 1 Grand Final | Season 2