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Venue: Sportlink – 2 Hanover Road, Vermont South.

Date: Saturday, December 12 (Group Stages & Knockout Stages on the single day).

Time: 12:30pm – 5:00pm

Affiliated Leagues: Bulleen, Bundoora, Footscray, Greensborough, Hawthorn, Oakleigh & Vermont South.

Cost: $150 Per Team


Tournament Format:

Teams will play 6 matches, 15 minutes in length, during the Round-Robin stage against each team. The top 4 teams at the conclusion of the Round-Robin stage will progress to the Finals Series.

If a set (round) concludes with less than 2 minutes remaining in the match, the referee will blow for full-time. When or if the final set hits the 15-minute mark, the team with more players on the court wins that final set. At the Round-Robin Stage, if the score is tied at the end of the match, the final result is a Draw. Teams will receive 1 competition point each.

Timed Sets: Each set (round) will be a maximum of 3 minutes. If time has elapsed in the set, the team with more players on the court will be awarded the point for the set. If both teams have an equal number of players when time has elapsed in the set, sudden death will then be played.

Sudden Death: The referee will give each team three balls and will blow the whistle to commence play. The no blocking rule will be enforced. The first team to eliminate an opposition player will be awarded the win for that particular set.

Disarm Rule: We will be trialing this rule during the tournament. If a player attempts to block a ball, and subsequently has the ball using to block knocked out of their hand, they will be called out.


Confirmed Teams:

All Night (Bundoora)

Dodgy Style (Greensborough)

Full Spectrum Warriors (Vermont South)

Here For Beer (Vermont South)

Holy Hummus

Rohan Real Deal (Footscray)

The Fire Ferrets (Vermont South)



Round 1:

1:00pm: All Night vs. Holy Hummus

1:00pm: Dodgy Style vs. Full Spectrum Warriors

Round 2:

1:15pm: Here For Beer vs. Rohan Real Deal

1:15pm: The Fire Ferrets vs. All Night

Round 3:

1:30pm: Holy Hummus vs. Dodgy Style

1:30pm: Full Spectrum Warriors vs. Here For Beer

Round 4:

1:45pm: Rohan Real Deal vs. The Fire Ferrets

1:45pm: All Night vs. Dodgy Style

Round 5:

2:00pm: Full Spectrum Warriors vs. The Fire Ferrets

2:00pm: Holy Hummus vs. Rohan Real Deal

Round 6:

2:15pm: Here For Beer vs. All Night

2:15pm: Dodgy Style vs. Rohan Real Deal

Round 7:

2:30pm: The Fire Ferrets vs. Holy Hummus

2:30pm: Full Spectrum Warriors vs. Rohan Real Deal

Round 8:

2:45pm: The Fire Ferrets vs. Here For Beer

2:45pm: Full Spectrum Warriors vs. All Night

Round 9:

3:00pm: Holy Hummus vs. Here For Beer

3:00pm: Dodgy Style vs. Full Spectrum Warriors

Round 10:

3:15pm: All Night vs. Rohan Real Deal

3:15pm: The Fire Ferrets vs. Dodgy Style

Round 11:

3:30pm: Holy Hummus vs. Full Spectrum Warriors

3:30pm: Here For Beer vs. Dodgy Style


FINALS SERIES (20-minute matches):

4:00pm: Semi Final 1: (1st vs. 4th)

4:00pm: Semi Final 2: (2nd vs 3th)

4:25pm: Grand Final: (Winner Semi Final 1 vs. Winner Semi Final 2)