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We’re here to assist you with any questions you may have. Below is a list of commonly asked questions, particularly from new members at Major League Dodgeball.


  • Who is Major League Dodgeball (MLD)?

    MLD operates dodgeball competitions across Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. The organisation was founded in 2012, and has since grown to become one of the premier social sport competitions in Australia.

    Not only does MLD provide fun, social competitions, we’ve built a fantastic community which encompasses dodgeballers from across Melbourne and Australia.

    While our philosophy is on building participation and inclusive leagues, we’ve also help develop our next crop of high performance dodgeballers. Many players also participate in our affiliate competition, Australian Dodgeball Premier League while some are lucky enough to represent our national team, the Australian Dodgeroos.


  • How do I enter a team?

    Visit the join link and complete the online form. We have competitions running at various locations throughout the year. Even if the season has started, we’ll do our best to get your team started the following week.

    If you have any further queries, feel free to call us on 0431 052 148 or email


  • What payment options are available?

    Majority of teams pay in cash each week at the venue, prior to their game beginning. However if you wish to pay online, we can organise this for your team. Please contact us to organise internet banking.

  • Is there a discount if my team pays for the entire season upfront?

    Yes, if your team pays for the entire season upfront (cash or online), your team will receive a 5% discount on its game-fees.

  • How much does it cost to register a team?

    All listed costs are ‘team costs’, not individual player costs – i.e. amounts are divided by the team.


Our match-fees have remained constant since 2014, making our competitions one of the most affordable and cost effective social sports leagues across Melbourne and Australia.

TEAM REGISTRATION: $100 per team for the season

No bond fees are required to enter a team into our competitions.


  • What competitions are played on which nights?

    Visit our Venues page for further details.


  • Does my team need a uniform?

    As teams are on opposite sides of the court in dodgeball, uniforms are not a requirement in our social competitions. However, if you wish to have uniforms, teams can wear matching colours or organise uniforms with our official supplier.


  • Can my team give their preferences for game-times?

    Yes, we’re all about flexibility and convenience at Major League Dodgeball. While we can’t always guarantee your team will get their preferred game-times, we’ll do our very best to accommodate your preferences. If you give us your preferences, we’ll see what we can do.


  • Can I register once the season has begun?

    Yes you can. We regularly get teams and individuals register after the season has commenced. Generally speaking, we will be able to get you started during the next round.


  • What is the duration of each season?

    Season length may slightly vary, dependant on the venue. Generally speaking, a season will last for approximately 16 weeks.Once registered, we’ll give you further info on the specific league. If you’re registering during the season, don’t worry. We can get you started ASAP.


  • Does the standard vary competition to competition?

    Generally, the standard may vary from league to league.

Some of our leagues also have Divisions, allowing teams to be placed against opposition more suited to their playing ability. We have many new teams across our competitions, so there are always new teams starting out.


  • Are competitions open to all age groups?

    To participate in our open age competitions, members must be at least 15 years of age. If a player under the age of 18 wishes to be involved, they must have permission from a parent or guardian.


  • What does my team do if we’re short on players for a particular round?

    We have a great community within Major League Dodgeball. If you’re team is short on numbers, we can easily assist you in finding a some fill-ins players to a help out.

    We have a Facebook Group called Major League Dodgeball Players, which is a great forum to meet new players, look for a team to join, or search for some late fill-in players. All you need to do is click the join button and post.

Please note, a team cannot have fill-ins players from other teams during the Finals.

  • What happens if my entire team cannot make their scheduled game?

    If your team isn’t able to attend their match, please notify us as soon as possible – a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is appreciated. This allows us time to make alternative arrangements, and gives the opposition a chance to play a friendly game.

    Please note, a forfeit fee applies (standard $65 game-fee) if your team cannot attend their match.


  • Can I register as an individual player or in a small group?

    Yes, we often get players registering on an individual basis to be placed in a team. Further, we also get small groups who are keen to play, but don’t have enough for a team.

    We also have a Facebook Group called Major League Dodgeball Players, which is a great forum to meet new players, look for a team to join, or search for some late fill-in players. All you need to do is click the join button and post.


  • Are Major League Dodgeball referees qualified?

    Yes, all our referees have the appropriate referee qualifications via Dodgeball Federation Australia. If you’re interested in  becoming a referee, please contact us.


  • Are players covered with player insurance?

    Major League Dodgeball is able to provide a basic level of player insurance, if the team and / or players wish to purchase it when they register.As evidenced on the waiver form, players do play at their own risk and are responsible for their own insurance requirements. However, if a team or players wish to take out player insurance, they must contact Major League Dodgeball upon registering.