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Major League Dodgeball is able to cater for your next major event. Whether it is a Corporate EventBirthday Party or Bucks Party, we’ve got it covered. Dodgeball is a fun, active, modern-day sport which provides an abundance of entertainment for both Males and Females of all ages – as illustrated by our prevalent weekly competitions.  We will provide you an exceptional service, tailor-made for your special event.

Corporate Events

Effective communication, leadership skills and team bonding are the core foundations that cultivate team morale. A happy workplace, in turn leads to a productive, astute organisation.

Here at Major League Dodgeball, we offer a thorough entertainment package, which works towards building the core values in the workplace.

Dodgeball is an easy game to pick-up, with all skill-levels assured of having an enjoyable outing. Dance Tunes run, concurrently with games being played; a worthwhile, fun experience for all employees.

Birthday Parties

We provide a safe, fun and social occasion for all children. An emphasis on active entertainment is our philosophy at Major League Dodgeball.

Kids will be able to experience the phenomenon that is Dodgeball, in what looms to be a unique, enjoyable experience.

Children will be split up into teams, where a variety of friendly games and activities will be organised.

Bucks Parties

Send off the groom-to-be in charismatic fashion, with a memorable entertainment package, courtesy of Major League Dodgeball.

Several different games will be organised, some in the conventional manner, others not so – ‘The Groom vs. The Rest’, seems to be a crowd favourite!

Games are poised to be fast and furious, with numerous prizes to be awarded along the way.

Please fill out the form below, detailing special arrangements you may require, and we will provide you with a quote. Or alternatively, contact us via phone or email.