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Game-Fees have remained constant since 2014 at $65 per game, and will continue to do so in 2018 – that’s our guarantee to you.

Despite numerous social sports competitions raising their prices each year, ranging from $75 to $90 per game, we’ve kept our prices at an affordable rate.  

Venue hire, along with our associated costs have risen for us over the years. Despite this, we continue to operate our competitions below the market average at the most affordable rate possible. We value customer loyalty and wish to continue dodgeball’s development and growth in Australia.

Full Season Payment:

A new initiative in 2018. Teams wishing to pay for the full season in advance, will obtain a 5% discount on their game-fees for the season. This can be paid in cash or online, and must be done in one transaction from the opening round of the season.

If interested in this offer, contact Major League Dodgeball for further info.