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Major League Dodgeball has set the bar high for 2018. Not only have we launched our new website, we have multiple updates we wish to share with you.

Lock yourselves in, it’s going to be one hell of a year.

  • New Website: Enhanced features, updated information, visuals, game-centre and more.
  • Full-Season Reward System: Pay up-front for the entire season, and your team will receive 5% off its fees for the season. Further info HERE.
  • More Events: Along with our weekly competitions, we’ll be featuring more events in 2018, including All Stars Cup, Champions League, MLD Showdown: 1 vs 1 & 2 vs 2 and MLD Open.
    Further details can be viewed HERE
  • Music Themes: We’ll be having regular Music Theme Weeks across our venues throughout the year. Players can vote and / or gives us your suggestions.
    Some examples may be: 90’s, Dance, Video Game Themes, Party Tunes, Classic Rock and more.
  • Prizes & Rewards: While we’ll still be giving away medallions at the conclusion of each league season, we’ll also be looking to do prizes for winning teams and other rewards during the year. Further details will be disclosed in due course.
  • Enhanced Media & Service: In addition to the new website, we’ll be filming more matches during the year across our venues, along with a focus on an improved service for all our teams and players.